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When you walk in a room, the things you touch and the items you bring with you tell a story. Every space, every object has a purpose or a nuance that affects you.  I am obsessed with it; the story told by your environment. I build spaces that act as characters in various styles of productions.


I am a woman, a dog mother and a strange combination of Lara Croft and Doris Day. 

I specialize in set construction, carpentry, set dressing, art direction, and prop fabrication. I’m a realist with what can be done, but I approach each scenario with limitless imagination. I can create almost anything with the support of genuis professionals on my team. My MacGyver attitude has allowed me to invest in a career of practical effects, miniatures, and forced perspective imagery. I love testing the boundaries of what is possible and what is actual, blending the magical with the practical.

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